Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Days of the Week {free printable board game}

A few weeks ago when the boys were doing a Bedtime Math problem, my youngest had trouble remembering the order of the days of the week. I wrongly assumed he had them mastered. My bad.

To give him a little practice, I made a simple board game for us to play.

What You Need
Free printable PDF of the game board and playing cards (click here to download from Google Drive)
Heavyweight cardstock (7 pages minimum)
Tiny game pieces, a different one for each player
Paper trimmer (or scissors)

Download the 2-page PDF from the link above. For a two-player game, you'll need to print about 6 copies of page 1 (the game cards). Print one copy of page 2 (the game board). Use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut out all the game cards.

Place two game pieces on the board's first space (Sunday). The youngest player draws a card. They must identify the missing day of the week and move their game piece to the next occurrence of that day on the board.

If they draw a card "Draw Again" card, they must draw until they get a missing-day card and then move TWO of those days forward (e.g. put their game piece on the second Monday ahead of them). 

The first player to the finish wins!

Our 6-year-old read Terri Sievert's Days of the Week to me to go along with this activity!

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  1. What a brilliant idea ! Thank you for sharing. <3