Monday, November 12, 2012

Spelling Race

Perhaps I should have titled this activity “Roll & Write Take 2.” We’ve been doing that little activity so much lately, I thought it wise to find a new spin on it to keep it fresh and fun.

My son has always been motivated by winning. When he was younger, we’d race him to the bath tub because it was the only way to get him in there at bedtime. Times haven’t changed. When I told him we were going to have a spelling race, he was excited.

Here’s how to hold a spelling race of your own.

Conduct a pretest with your child’s spelling list. This will clue you in to the words on the list that are especially challenging. This activity practices seven words.

Write the words your child missed in the lanes on the left side of the worksheet I made (download it free here).

Make the 1-7 number wheel. Print it on sticker paper, stick it to a piece of cardstock (e.g. empty cereal box), cut out, and poke a hole in the center. Thread a small paper clip through a brad and insert it in the wheel. Make sure the paper clip spins freely; it’s your arrow.

Race Time!
Playing is easy. Your child spins the wheel. Whatever number the paperclip points to, they rewrite the word that is in that lane. Now keep spinning and writing the words to see which spelling word finishes first. Write a “1” or “1st” after the finish line in that respective lane.

Continue to spin the wheel until every word has “crossed the finish line.” Each place (1st, 2nd, etc.) should be noted. If the wheel is spun and that word has already finished the spelling race, the child simply spins again.

The repetition of writing the words has helped my son remember their correct spelling and he truly loves the competition aspect of this spelling practice. Hopefully, your child will too!

Ready … set … spell!


  1. Love it! I'm sharing and pinning! :)

  2. The math/science lessons in this game should not be ignored either! Procedure, data collection and recording. Analysis and conclusion. Wonder if my so would jive with this?>:)

    1. So true, Kelli! Thanks for pointing this out and for stopping by. I hope you'll make my blog a regular stop when you're web surfing!

  3. This is a fantastic idea!!!
    My son struggles with his spelling, but like your son he love to win, so this would be perfect for him. Going to give it ago tomorrow. Pinning!!!

  4. Great idea! I remade your sheet with only 6 words so that we can just use a 6-sided die instead of the spinner! :)

    1. you can have 12 letter words if you use two dice.

  5. This is genius! I have a competitive kid too

  6. I am preparing some TEFL kids in China for a spelling bee, 10 in a class about 9 years old, will try this activity.